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Charo, founder of La Joya del Cabo de Gata, matched her goals: linking the Ecology and Habitability to make a better society and a better world for all of us. She strives to go through each day in a more intelligent manner that respects the balance of nature and safeguards its wealth by recycling and taking care of all matters in a carefully designed space. The estate, located between the sea and the mountains, is the epitome of a Mediterranean site and a dream come true.

The water

Watering in all the estate is carried out by means of an irrigation system, which uses a drip mechanism providing just the right amount of water to the plants. Our own wastewater treatment plant ensures the recycling of residual water.

The water for both the Phoenician pool and the Jacuzzi come from the well of the estate and is constantly renewed. Non-abrasive and safe environmentally friendly products, that eliminate irritation of the skin and the frequent strong chlorine smell and improve the conditions of hygiene and health, are used for the treatment of the water. The outcome is the sensation of bathing in a mountain stream with the warm water of the Mediterranean.

Solar energy

Hot water for the bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pool and the “glorias” that provide under floor heating, are obtained through solar panels located on the roofs and in other locations discretely hidden from view.

Ecological and bioclimatic construction

The “cortijos” have been built to adapt to the local climate, which changes moderately from summer to winter. Designed and oriented to adapt seamlessly to the heat or cold, with maximum energy saving, taking advantage of natural light, and channelling breezes as natural ventilation. The thickness of the walls, the ecological materials and insulating systems with which they are constructed, the roofs with high ceilings, the orientation, the special window glass, provides you with a comfortable and healthy environment at any time of the year. An example of this is the heating of the “cortijos”: the Roman “gloria”, that provides floor heating through a circuit of hot water in continuous circulation. A perfect temperature of the ceramic floors is assured, creating a gently warm environment.

The construction has been adapted to the topography of the location and it is integrated in the terraces and camouflaged in the landscape, both highlighting the permanent past and present without erasing or altering the original appearance of the landscape.

Hygiene products

With the same ecological objective, all products for cleaning and personal use that are provided in the “cortijos” have been selected based upon not being corrosive, poisonous or polluting. All efforts have been made to dispense with synthetic products.

Recycled waste

In this section, we expect the cooperation of our guests that appreciate the benefits of the recycling of waste.  Containers differentiated for glass, packaging, paper and organic matter are located in strategic locations. Depositing your waste in bags and in each one of them will help you contribute to saving energy and raw materials.

Organic garden and exotic chicken coop

With the wise counsel of Gaspar Caballero de Segovia, Charo learned in the famous El Escorial to organize ecological gardening using the technique of “Crestal Parades”. Our small garden is already producing lettuce, peppers, eggplant, zucchini and a multitude of aromatic culinary herbs thanks to the generosity of Mother Earth.  Our customers can enjoy these healthy and tasty products. If you wish to communicate with Gaspar, you can visit his website at: www.gasparcaballerodesegovia.net

Three sister hens, adorned with beautiful golden brown plumage, have been accommodated in a chicken coop-tepee that protects them from the sun. The branches of a pita tree and Tibetan flags provide a caring place for them to sleep. Pilar Muñoz and Olegario Torralba have created this cosy and imaginative design.